Founded in 2005, with the debut of PerfectSense® Paraffin, Spa Revolutions® has always stood at the forefront of sanitary, thermal wellness solutions in our professional beauty industry.  

As we all prepare in hopes of returning safely to what we do best – providing wellness services to our clients who so badly need them, please know you have the unwavering support of our Spa Revolutions family.  We trust you and your loved ones are well and want you to know that we are here for you as, together, we recover from these challenging times.

With new standards in sanitation, more health conscious and concerned clientele, we commit to bringing you the most sanitary and safe thermal wellness treatments for your guests.

In addition to single-use paraffin, depilatory, and facial masques, we offer a selection of non-porous stones and shells for self-heating and self-cooling massage and esthetic treatments that eliminate any of the sanitation concerns with traditional hot stones and roasters.  

While COVID recovery is our new reality, we are dedicated to working with you to deliver sanitary, client-exclusive treatments.