So, what is it the most Successful Spas & Salons do?
They implement BEST PRACTICES: The Business Strategy, Pricing and Positioning Model
We didn’t invent this. In fact, our most innovative and successful customers created this synergistic pricing model.  We’re in a sharing mood and want you to succeed so, here is your template to elevated levels of service and brand differentiation, even happier guests and greater profits.  
Create Standalone Service Pricing – This must be the price you would charge a guest who requests a staff member and a treatment room exclusively for the enhancement treatment as a “Standalone Service”. We must do this to establish the highest justifiable $$$ Value possible in your Spa/SalonYes, it’s unlikely anyone will order this way, but that’s absolutely fine because the purpose of the highly priced Standalone Service is to make it easy for our Staff to offer guests “a deal” by selling the affordably priced Enhancement Add-on Treatments against the high Standalone Service price. You will delight and surprise clients suggesting well-priced enhancements to basic services that elevate the client experience, differentiate your brand and increase your profits.
Incorporate Enhancement Treatments into Signature Services – This will directly increase level of service, while differentiating your brand, surprising and delighting guests and ensuring your staff is competent and confident to recommend enhancements. Remember, “A luxury once experienced becomes a necessity.” Once your guests get a taste for your high-level services, they won’t be able do without them. The net effect is increased customer loyalty, brand trust, repeat business and word of mouth.
Set Enhancement Pricing to upsell with Lower Level Services – At this point, your Competent and Confident Staff can easily suggest real value by selling against the high Standalone Service Pricing while referencing how these wonderful treatments are naturally included in your highest level services and… then, track your increase in profits and delightfully impressed guests.
We have helped our Spa/Salon clients do this thousands of times since 2005. This is a synergistic pricing system in which all three (3) steps work together to facilitate all the business benefits we seek to achieve.To simplify this process, we have created a Menu Builder Worksheet to generate a temporary Menu Insert that establishes and guides the program to your criteria – until you can get to your next menu redo. As you can see, we are here for you. Perhaps best of all, our consulting expertise is included at no charge along with your first set of printed Menu Inserts as part of our customer support program.
Let’s get started together!