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Natural Cowrie Shell “Relax & Chill” Facial Kit



It’s time to “relax and chill” at home!  By popular demand, we are offering the Lava/Glacial Shell facial experience at home.

The Natural Cowrie Shell is, perhaps, the most versatile shell massage tool.   Its unique contours and ergonomic shape create a truly unique facial massage. Use the rounded curve in an upward motion to lift the skin.  Use the long open edge along the jawbone. Use the corner/edge along the brow bones, nasal cavity, and eye orbital area. 

Our favorite protocol? Apply your cleanser and use the warm Lava Shells to massage the cleanser into the skin.  Rinse and apply your chosen serums and layer with a mask.  While the mask is “doing its thing,” massage the neck and shoulders with the Lava Shell to promote further relaxation.

To complete the treatment, use the Glacial Shell to reduce any redness from active topicals or inflammation from extractions, etc.  The cool Glacial Shell will help to close the pores and calm the skin.

Concerned about sanitation?  We got you.  The non-porous surface does not absorb oils or bacteria and allows for super fast cleaning and sanitization in under 2 minutes.

Each kit includes one Natural Cowrie Lava/Glacial Shell, three Facial Blend charges, and three Chill Blend charges.

To heat, simply insert the Step 1 Lava Gel sachet into the shell and pour in the Step 2 Activator Solution.  The shell will get warm within 10 minutes and will stay warm for up to one hour.

To chill, simply insert the Chill Blend sachet into the shell and add cold/ice water until the sachet plumps up.  (If there is extra water, just pour into sink.)  Heck…it’s just H2O!

Do be cautious as Lava Shells can become quite warm if left sitting (aka not moving on the face/body.)  If the shell ever feels too warm, simply wrap in a cool damp cloth to bring down the heat.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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