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thermaBLISS® thermaHerbal® Poultice – Detox & Energize (2 pack)



Long-lasting Lava Gel® mineral heat technology combines exquisitely with the ancient art of moist Thai herbal compression massage for unsurpassed heat-infused “spa-at-home” experience.  Sensuous natural herbs, exotic spices, delicate flowers, all wrapped in fine muslin and steeped, blend to form a powerful herbal tea elixir.  Activates in only 3 minutes with warm water and lasts for 60+ minutes.  After massage, pop in the bathtub to benefit from all of those luscious herbs and aromatherapy!

To activate, open pouch, leaving poultice inside. Add hand-wash warm water to top of pouch window. Give the poultice several good squeezes so that the water absorbs deep into the poultice. You will notice that the water takes on a dark, do we dare to say an amber tea-steeped color? This is a good sign!

Detox & Energize – Encourages emotional and physical well-being, improves circulation, relieves stress and fatigue for a recharged massage experience.  This is something we could all use during these uncertain times!

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Weight 1 lbs
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