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Product FAQs

Q:  What are Glacial Shells®?

A:  Glacial Shells® are an innovative massage tool designed to allow a massage therapist, or anyone performing some type of bodywork, the ability to incorporate a calming, cooling sensation into their techniques.

Q:  How will my clients benefit from Glacial Shells®?

A:  Glacial Shells® gently glide over the skin and are beneficial for leaving the body calmed, relaxed, and renewed.

Q: How do I prepare my Glacial Shells®?

A:  Remove Glacial Gel® sachet from packaging.  Fold corner loosely towards the center and place inside the shell.  With one finger, flatten the sachet against the bottom of the shell.  Open Activator package and pour contents into the shell.  Replace cap.  Set shell aside for 5 minutes for Activator to fully absorb.  If there is extra liquid that has not fully absorbed after 5 minutes, remove cap and move sachet around until liquid is gone.  Replace cap and place Glacial Shell® in the freezer for a minimum of two hours to achieve the perfect cooling temperature.

Q:  How do Glacial Shells® work?

A:  Once activated and placed in a freezer for a minimum of 2 hours, a Glacial Shell® will stay cool for up to an hour.  As the shell is used, it will naturally absorb heat from the client’s body and cool the body.

Q:  Can I overfill my Glacial Shell®?

A:  Yes.  Use only one pre-measured Activator pouch per Glacial Shell®.  Overfilling the Glacial Shell® will cause the plug to pop off and/or break the shell.  After use, be sure to empty all contents from shell so that no extra liquid remains.  Failure to do so may cause the shell to break when it is activated again, as the liquid amount will exceed the shell’s volume.

Q:  If my Glacial Shell® becomes too warm, how can I chill it?

A:  If the shell is not cold enough, simply set it aside and it will begin decreasing in temperature.  The shell can also be placed on ice to maintain cooling effect.  Glacial Coolers are included in the Product Training Kit and additional coolers can be purchased.

Q:  I noticed my Product Training Kit contains a Glacial Cooler and Glacial Ice Packs.  How do I use Glacial Ice Packs?

A:  After the Glacial Shell® has been placed in the freezer for a minimum of two hours, Glacial Ice Packs can be used to help maintain the cooling effect.  Simply soak packs in a sink or shallow pan for 1-3 minutes.  They should be hydrated to about 3/4 inch thick.  Be careful not to over soak, as the pack could split upon freezing.  Freeze ice packs until solid.  When kept inside the insulated Glacial Cooler, the ice packs will stay frozen for 24-36 hours.  At room temperature, packs will stay frozen for 3-4 hours.  After ice packs have thawed, they can be re-hydrated and re-frozen for several uses.

Q:  How do I manage the coldness from the Glacial Shells®?

A: Use extreme caution with clients who are sensitive to cold.  Remember, people react to the cold differently, and what feels comfortable to you may be too cold for someone else.    If using the Glacial Shell® on the face, place a thin sheet over the client’s eyes to protect them from the initial chill.  When using a shell that has been away from the client, ask the client if the temperature is comfortable, or instruct them at the beginning of the treatment to advise you immediately if a shell feels too cold.  When you test the shell on a client, first make sure you tell them you are placing a cool shell on their skin. Then gently touch the Glacial Shell® on the skin while moving the shell.   To avoid frostbite, cold therapy should not exceed 20 minutes in a stationary position at one time.

Q:  Are there any areas on the body that I should avoid using the Glacial Shells™?

A:  Yes.  If using the Glacial Shells® on the face, do not place shells directly on the eyes.

Q:  If my Glacial Shells® become too cold, how do I warm them?

A:  If a shell ever becomes too cold, always be prepared to warm your shells utilizing one of the following techniques:

1.  Simply place shell in a very damp and warm towel and wrap it up for 5-10 seconds, to increase its temperature to a comfortable level. Once activated, do not leave a Glacial Shell® unattended until it has warmed or the sachet has been removed.  Always remove the sachet from the shell immediately after finishing a treatment (warm shell before removing sachet, if necessary).

2.  Fill a dish with warm water and simply submerge the shell into the water for 5 to 10 seconds. This will increase the temperature to a comfortable level without taking excessive coolness from the shell.  If too cold to handle, use a damp towel to pick up the shell and place it in the warming dish.

Q:  What are Porcelain Glacial Shells® made from?

A:  Each Porcelain Glacial Shell® is created from a blend of real seashells and porcelain for superior quality and feel.

Q:  Are the Glacial Gel® or Glacial Activators toxic?

A:  Absolutely not.  The Glacial Gel® is composed of food-grade minerals, and neither the gel nor the activator have any toxic substances in them, nor do they produce any harmful byproducts when they are combined.

Service FAQs

Q:  How long do Glacial Shells® take to prepare and clean up?

A:  To prepare your Glacial Shell®, remove the cap, open the Glacial Gel® packet and place it inside the Glacial Shell®. Then, pour the Activator Solution into the shell and replace the cap.  Once the materials are combined, the Glacial Shell™ should be placed in the freezer for a minimum of two hours.  To clean up, simply pull out the Glacial Gel® sachet and rinse the inside of the shell, then clean the outside with a non-abrasive soap and water.  The sachet should be removed from the shell within a few minutes after the end of the treatment to avoid deterioration of the sachet materials, so that cleanup is as easy as possible.  Be sure to empty the Glacial Shell® completely.

Q:  How many shells do I need for a full-body massage?

A:  The number of shells you use with any given treatment depends on the treatment’s length and the amount of time during the treatment that you want to apply cold.  A 60-minute massage will use 2 Glacial Shells®.  You’ll want to determine which treatments require what amount of cold therapy, and then decide how many shells to use per treatment.

Q:  What kind of training is required to use Glacial Shells®?

A:  Before implementing the Glacial Shell® massage at your facility, we require that you purchase the Glacial Shell® Protocol Training kit.  This kit contains everything needed to begin using the Glacial Shells® including detailed product and safety information, as well as suggested protocols.

Technical FAQs

Q:  How strong are the shells?  Can I break them?

A:  The porcelain shells are a blend of real seashells and porcelain.  As such, they are very durable and can be used for deep pressure work without any worry about breaking.  It is possible for them to chip or break if dropped, but if handled with appropriate care they will last indefinitely.