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“Oh my goodness!  That was AMAZING!”
Grazia Daily

“I really enjoyed this treatment. – iit was unlike anything else I had previously experienced. I particularly enjoyed the stomach massage as it resulted in a flatter tummy the following day!”

Having never had a shell treatment before I was both intrigued and nervous as to what the ‘hot and cold sensation’ would be like as it doesn’t initially sound that relaxing! The Glacial Shells® Detox Massage was in actual fact a beautiful treatment, relaxing, soothing and a fabulous feeling on the skin, certainly not the extreme of temperatures I expected. I even fell asleep at one point! I left feeling lighter, cleansed and certainly more chilled out. I would definitely recommend trying a run of treatments if you suffer from bloating, but even if you don’t, it was luxurious way to spend 45 minutes.

“Glacial Shell® Therapy, the vogue of cryotherapy.”
Sunday Times Style

“I think that this treatment could prove even more popular than Lava Shells® with our clients.  It was a brilliant treatment to receive and equally lovely to perform.  I can’t wait to introduce this massage to my clients.”

“The Glacial Shell® massage is a very nice treatment to receive.  I feel very relaxed and my legs and tummy feel very different.  Great treatment to give and very easy to learn.”

“Working with the mix of hot and cold was very powerful and flowed almost like a dance of temperatures which really reached those ‘sweet’ spots.  Soothing and then stimulating in alternating strokes.  Perfect balance.  I was left feeling revived, refreshed and renewed.  My skin feels lovely and tingly and I am sure I have lost a dress size.”

“A great infusion of hot and cold sensations that invigorated the skin and left me feeling revitalized.”
Robin James Salon

“This was the best experience ever!  My first Glacial Shell® massage and I came out walking on air, I’m addicted!  The course for the Lava Shell® treatments was concise and relevant to me.  I found it comfortable and friendly.  I feel confident to go away and use the treatments on clients straight away.  Thank you!”
Fiona Reardon
Beauty by Fiona, Fareham

“I felt absolutely fantastic after the first session and the day after, my thighs felt noticeably firmer and taut like they had been exercised, there also was an increase diuretic effect after the first session, not to mention I have since lost 4 lbs, too!  I strongly recommend this treatment to anyone helping to maintain a shapely figure and I have already got my next session booked in, too!”
Phillipa Blundell, Fleetwood Lancashire
Treatment performed by Emma E. Whyham, Pilgrims Hatch Beauty & Holistic Therapies

“I ran the London Marathon this year April 2011.  After 1 and half days I was walking completely normal.  My muscles were tired but had stopped aching and this I am sure was due to the fact I had an Glacial Shell® massage on my legs.  It was amazing and after getting off the couch my legs felt restored to normal. ”