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“I loved Lava Shells®.  It was a luxuriously invigorating treatment underpinned by persuasive holistic philosophies of emotional and physical well-being.  The therapist was superb; skilled, sensitive, knowledgeable.  I am seriously considering a course of sessions!”

“Since launching Lava Shells® into our menu in October 2010, we have seen phenomenal results with it in our top most popular treatments right from that very first month!!!”
Olivia Davies, General Manager
The Santuary Spa, Covent Garden

“The best massage I’ve ever had!”
Sylist Magazine

“The Lava Shell® treatment has been taken by storm at the Marine. Our hot stone lovers have moved over to Lava Shells® for all of the extra benefits the shells provide. It also offers such an easy and enjoyable upgrade for all treatments. Our therapists love the shells too, as it takes away a lot of the strain from the wrists from deep tissue as the shell does all of the work. It is also very easy to keep clean and hygienic. Lava Shells® are one of kind.  The deep heat soothes away tension spots while the unique structure of the shells eases away all tension.  A completely seamless massage for a completely flawless experience.”
Michelle Taylor, Senior Spa Manager
Macdonald Hotels

“The coming wave? Lava Shell® massage…the new hot stones”
The Times

“Lava Shells® are among the most innovative products in spa today.  It’s cutting edge technology like this that will provide the inspiration every spa director needs to keep menus fresh and exciting!  I see virtually no limits to the application of this product and I look forward to surprising the industry with what we come up with.
Shawn Hallum, Executive Spa Director
Bacara Resort and Spa

“Lava Shells® are beautiful – so much easier than a stone massage as far as set up and clean up.  The temperature is more consistent and predictable than stones and the shells feel smoother on the skin!  All the therapists are very excited to be able to use them and we love the fact that we can use them anywhere.  I am also thinking about adding them to the poolside treatment menu, in-room and maybe even upgrade for mani/pedi’s.  I can’t wait to throw away the turkey roaster!!!”
Tanya Illustrisimo, Spa Director
Viceroy Palm Springs Hotel, Estrella Spa

“I absolutely love the Lava Shell® massage!  The fact that the product is 100% sustainable, requires no electricity, and you can do it anywhere… I was sold.  We are so excited to be one of the first spas to launch the Lava Shell Therapy at our Tides properties in Mexico.”
Liz Ratcliff, Corporate Director of Spa Development
Kor Hotel Group

“Lava Shells® were the ‘in-spa-ration’ behind bliss’ new must have summer ‘pedi’colada.  The hot seashell massage is the pinnacle of this pineapple and coconut infused pedicure.  Lava Shells™ are 100% sustainable and requires no electricity.  Each unique tiger clamshell comes from the South Pacific where they are hand selected from recycled food waste for the right size shape and symmetry.  They are cleaned, sanded and polished to a smooth finish creating a natural massage tool.  They are “charged” with a blend of natural ingredients, including algae, kelp and saltwater. ”
Anne Marie Cilmi, Director of Training and Education
Bliss Spas

“The technology used to heat these shells is truly magical—it has to be experienced to believe! What a joy it is for me as a therapist and instructor to work with such user-friendly tools for a heated massage. The set up & clean up time is minimal, which makes it enticing to a busy therapist. I also love the fact that there is more contact with the client’s body than other heated massages because the shells are so portable. It has very quickly become my new favorite heated massage!”
Vicky Karr, Massage Therapist
Spa Success, LLC

“I am always searching for new ways to treat my clients and provide them with the latest and best massage techniques and/or equipment. This is why I chose to add this to my services its all about the client and making sure they are happy and feel pampered. When I saw these beautiful, unique, Jewels of the Sea I knew this would not only be much prettier to look at in my room but take up a whole lot less space and cleaning time than the hot stones! After using them on my clients today and the feedback I received I am positive I made the right choice. Not only did my clients LOVE them but I did Too!!”
Lucia Barros, LMT
My Body Deserves It

“Amazing experience!  Especially loved the warmth from the Lava Shells®, felt extremely soothing and I feel totally relaxed.  I’ve had many massages; however this excels all of them and I would absolutely recommend this massage treatment.”

“It feels like it glides so well on the skin, I feel the heat just hovering over my skin.  Deeply relaxing and utterly amazing.”

“Best ever!  I had a restful night’s sleep after the treatment.”