The first ever sanitary, self-heating brush-on treatment features medical-grade, therapeutic paraffin with apple stem cell technology in a Nourishment+ blend infused with vitamins A, C, and E, Green and White Tea Extract antioxidants.  This versatile client-exclusive spot application, treatment with dripless brush, enables technicians to supercharge existing skin care product performance. 

Activates with thermaBliss mineral energy and warm tap water, Paraffin Anywhere creates exceptional signature services that enhance the client experience for hands, feet, face, décolletage, mani, pedi, elbows, knees, back…or, literally, anywhere!

Ready for use in just 3 minutes.

Each kit includes client-exclusive cups of paraffin wax with dripless brush, self-heating charge, and re-usable base cup.

View Paraffin Anywhere training video here.