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A Safe and Natural Product

The term “wax” is used loosely to describe a large number of chemically different materials.  Generally, waxes are either naturally or synthetically derived.  There are three different types of natural waxes including animal, vegetable, and mineral.  Petroleum based waxes, including paraffin, fall under the mineral wax category.

Derived from ancient plant and animal forms that lived millions of years ago, paraffin wax is completely natural.  Paraffin wax is sourced from the ground and then undergoes a multi-step processing that provides clean, high quality organic products that meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for use in food and food packaging.

Paraffin wax is used many food packaging applications that you may not be aware.  It is used in corrugated containers to impart moisture resistance and structural strength for packaging vegetables, meat, and seafood.  In drink cups, it is used to reduce liquid penetration through the paper substrate.  In canning jars, paraffin waxes are used to seal the top opening to protect preserves from hydration and mold.  Paraffin wax is also used to impart the “chew” characteristic of chewing gun.

In cosmetics, it is used as a safe base material, providing moisture barrier properties.  In dentistry, it is a crucial ingredient for modeling waxes.  Medically, it is used for the purpose of embedding tissue samples. Paraffin wax is also used in physical therapy applications.  It permits a greater release of heat for a longer period of time than hydro-therapy.

Lastly, in regards to our spa industry, paraffin wax is used help hydrate skin by forming an occluse mask.  The paraffin draws the body’s own moisture to the surface of the skin for deep, natural hydration. Skin is left incredibly soft and supple.