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The Natural Collection

The PerfectSense Paraffin Natural Collection contains 3 new AromaVapors that use absolutely natural oils, comprised of pure essentials oils extracted from plants, including flowers, bark, stem, leaves, and roots.

Each case of PerfectSense Paraffin for Hands or Feet includes 12 each of the following Aromavapors:

Ruby Guava

Inspired by tropical sun and surf, this sultry and tantalizing fragrance mingles honey-like sweetness with crisp tartness. Opens with citrus top notes that descend to berry-like notes of lush, juicy guava.
Ideal for clients who can benefit from a mood lift.  Uplifting, refreshing, cheering.

Hibiscus Peach

Light yet distinctive, this beautifully balanced fragrance marries floral and sweet nectar. This romantic and alluring fragrance captures the beauty of hibiscus flower, with its honey-like sweetness. Green accents of juicy, freshly ripened peaches add a radiant, bright nuance.
Ideal for clients who can benefit from the calming and relaxing properties of the Hibiscus plant aroma.  Clarifying, soothing, balancing.

Spiced Amber

An exotic and sophisticated fragrance inspired by rich Cashmeran musk and opulent spices. This comforting fragrance is a warm, earthy synergy of pine, clove, honey and vanilla.
Ideal for clients who can benefit from the mentally relaxing, calming nature of Amber.  Better sleep is promoted and the effects of stress and anxiety reduced.  Sensual, warming, and comforting.

The Natural Collection is paraben and phthalate free.