Our industry’s rapid transformation, with its elevated emphasis on sanitation and mobility, requires tools that meet both criteria. Welcome to thermaBliss Massage.  Sanitary, client-exclusive premium warm or chilled thermal wellness treatments activate with water, last the duration of the service, and are completely mobile – requiring no electrical appliances.

Every soothing heated or chilled massage begins when you select two of the non-porous thermaBliss massage tools – Ceramic Stone, Natural Cowrie Shell, Natural Codacia Shell, or Ceramic Codacia Shell.

Then select one of four thermaBliss Charges, (Body Level 2.0, Body Level 1.0, Facial Blend, or Glacial Blend) containing a distinct mixture of mineral energy technology. The magic is is in the minerals.  This breakthrough technology uses a powerful, patented blend of magnesium, iron, and salt that simply activates with water.

Each specific charge delivers a radiant, soothing and effective dose of heated or chilled therapy.