Standing at the forefront of innovation in naturally self-heating and self-cooling thermal wellness, Spa Revolutions thermaBliss Skincare Collection empowers estheticians with ultra-premium products designed for sanitary, client exclusive, and results-driven products for face and body. 

With these first-to-market, long-lasting, and appliance-free thermal wellness tools for professionals, Spa Revolutions leverages their proprietary mineral energy thermaBliss Charge, activated simply by water, to enable five-star esthetic treatments anywhere.

The thermaBliss Skincare Collection enables on-demand, cost-effective, game-changing, portable treatments featuring thermal wellness treatments:

  • thermaFusion® Facial Masque
  • thermaBliss® Stone & Shell Facial 
  • Depilatory Anywhere®
  • Paraffin Anywhere®
  • PerfectSense® Paraffin

The powerful effects of thermal wellness for skincare include: 

  • Radiant mineral heat delights clients & induces relaxation
  • Heat increases nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood flow through vasodilation & conversely cold produces vasoconstriction, promoting health & rejuvenation from within
  • Stimulates skin’s natural process of self-hydration & prepares skin for optimal permeability (up to 10x more receptive than dry skin)
  • Accelerates the molecular action of every skincare product & active topical, while speeding the tie to the efficacy